About Us

We build our business with Trust

Who we are


We server to the Government and People for the betterment of the society

Where our safety and Satisfaction both are equally important for us.


We only serve excellence to our costumer for there and Country Growth

Our believe in quality goods and services, the factor of our consumer satisfaction.


Our Goal is to make our Society more secured and safe, where a person knows the value of life.

Our Company was established in 2008, by two partners. They aim was to serve best to their Country through work. We work and support every field of through which we can be the part of nation betterment. Our Company is registered in GeM (Government e-Market) portal & works on Project base.

we are the one of the leading suppliers in all over Chhattisgarh of Rescue Vehicle, Motor Boat , Rescue equipments, Search and Rescue products , Firefighting equipment, Road Safety equipment, Traffic equipments like Helmets, Safety Goggles, Body Suit, Escape unit, Inspection camera and many more also serve in many fields of government department, Industry , Plant, NGO Etc. Our company mainly focus on government department to serve for security of nation and society because we know the value of life and support for safe secured life.

We are working since long time have a fully setup in Raipur. Our Clients are police department, forest department, fire services, Plant, Industries, NGO and civil defense. We look forward to keep working on strengthening our client base. The Company has been founded and lead by professionals on the path of success and achievements with immense support provided by the employees.



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